The Dino Costa Documentary Release Information!

Las Vegas, NV – July 14th, 2016 – Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted has officially been released on AMAZON!  You can also purchase for a limited time only, a beautiful hat and polo shirt made in Italy! For more information, please check our website.

New Documentary Release!

Las Vegas, NV – July 23rd, 2015 – One Man’s Journey to Truth to be released outside of the USA and Canada on AUGUST 1st, 2015! Check out our film page for more information,

Authors Corner with Sherry Frazier – Queen of Hoopla

Queen of Hoopla, Sherry Frazier, interviews Joel Franco, founder of Chesapeake Films. Click here to listen to this interview on

The Hollis Chapman Show on with Joel Franco, Founder of Chesapeake Films

Friday , June 21, 2013 The Hollis Chapman Show interview with Joel Franco, founder of Chesapeake Films. Click here to listen to this interview on

Patrick’s Friday Night Review with Joel Franco, Founder of Chesapeake Films

Friday , June 14, 2013 Triangle Variety Radio’s Patrick Walters interviews Joel Franco, founder of Chesapeake Films. Click here to listen to this interview on

Chesapeake Films Shops Screenplay, The War Trail, for Animated Feature

Adventure film with characters Wolfgang Steiner and Dark Moon characters is set in French & Indian War timeframe. 

Click the link to listen to adventure novel writer Charles McDonald talk about the book on Patrick Walters Show on

Joel Franco will be shopping this property at Cannes. Contact Sherry Frazier to set up a meeting at Cannes, by phone or elsewhere.

Chesapeake Films Pitching Screenplay, Based on Susan Ouellette Espionage Thriller About a Chechen Terrorist, at Cannes

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Chesapeake Films is now shopping an espionage thriller screenplay based on former CIA employee Susan Ouellette’s novel, To Hold and Defend, about a female intelligence officer fighting against a Chechen terrorist. The main character Maggie is a female protagonist fighting unlikely enemies and features the inner workings of the CIA and national intelligence. The villain, Zara is a Chechen terrorist who happens to be a beautiful woman, which makes her easy to overlook but doesn’t take away the powerful damage she can do or the threat to national security. This screenplay is EXTREMELY timely and is already creating a lot of interest. Contact us now–we are ready to make this movie!

Please contact for appointments with producer Joel Franco at Cannes in May. Preliminary Telephone appointments and additional information is available.

Click the link to listen to interview with author Susan Ouellette talk about her book in an interview with Patrick Walters last week on

Patrick’s Tuesday Night Review with Joel Franco, Founder of Chesapeake Films

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Triangle Variety Radio’s Patrick Walters interviews Joel Franco, founder of Chesapeake Films. Click here to listen to this interview on

Controversial SiriusXM Radio Personality Dino Costa to Be Subject of New Film from Chesapeake Films

Documentary begins shooting April 18 in Cheyenne, Wyoming; latest in series of feature films and television programming blending artistic talent with engaging storylines from full-service production company

Las Vegas, NV March 27, 2013 Chesapeake Films announces that it has started pre-production for a documentary to be completed in 2013 about the life of controversial SiriusXM Radio personality, Dino Costa. Filming will begin in Cheyenne, Wyoming on April 18, 2013. The documentary film will be directed by Joel Franco, cinematography by Darko Nikolich, edited by Anthony Bernard, sound design by Karol Urban, and original music by Marianthe Bezzerides. The film will begin shooting in Wyoming, where Dino Costa resides and produces his daily radio sports talk show, The Dino Costa Show. The crew will then follow Costa to New York, NY, to continue filming Costa’s hometown, friends, fans, and family.

Franco wanted to do the film because, “Dino is a breath of fresh air in the world of cookie cutter sports talk radio. He is fiercely independent, and connects with his audience like few can. I just knew that under that big personality was a story waiting to be told. I am so excited to begin.”

When asked about the film, Dino Costa said, “When I embarked on my career as a talk show host, I wanted to achieve many objectives; I never thought about the possibility of someone wanting to do a film about my career and my life. In speaking with Joel about his vision for this film, I’m confident that collaborating with the crew at Chesapeake Films will culminate in a documentary about my life that people will find interesting and compelling.”

About Chesapeake Films 
Chesapeake Films, a full service film and television production company, was founded by Joel Franco and Solidaris, LLC in 2006. Chesapeake Films’ mission is to blend artistic talent with engaging stories to create feature films and television that delight audiences of all ages. Chesapeake Films’ documentary, One Man’s Journey to Truth profiling energy healer Denie Hiestand’s life was sold to Giam in 2012 and received an Award of Merit at the 2012 London Independent Film Festival (LiFF).

Led by founder Joel Franco, Chesapeake Films has secured option agreements on a full slate of impressive stories for feature films and television programming. Chesapeake Films will attend Cannes Film Festival in May 2013 and will be meeting with distributors for the foreign distribution of One Man’s Journey to Truth, distribution for his new documentary about Dino Costa and will meet with industry leaders to discuss collaborative relationships for the preproduction slate.
Chesapeake Films’ preproduction slate includes Poe, a biopic about Edgar Allen Poe and Future Kings, a futuristic science fiction story by world renowned artist and writer, C. C. Long; an espionage thriller trilogy franchise based on Susan Ouellette’s novels; Charles McDonald’s historical fiction adventure slated as an animated feature based on his book The War Trail; Austin Cooper Otocki’s edgy television series, The Social Eye, based on his book The Single Guy’s Guide to Relationships; Stephen Gallup’s drama based on his book, What about the Boy; Devil Cats, a horror film based on the book The Demons Walk Among Us, by Joann Harris and Sherry Frazier’s original CIA spy thriller, Deception Pass.

For more information about Chesapeake Films, go to

About Dino Costa
Dino Costa is the host of national radio show, The Dino Costa Show, broadcast weekdays on SiriusXM, Channel 86. Costa broadcasts from his state-of-the-art studios in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and is known for providing audaciously original commentary and opinion on topical sports issues. Dino Costa’s trademark independence and his in-your-face, cavalier approach is appreciated by his audiences all across North America.

The Dino Costa Show has been a part of SiriusXM Radio since October 2009. In February 2011, Dino Costa signed a 2-year extension that will keep his show at SIRIUSXM through 2013.

Chesapeake Films’ Joel Franco and SiriusXM Radio Host Dino Costa On-Air Interview

Las Vegas, NV March 8, 2013—On February 22, 2013, Joel Franco, founder of Chesapeake Films, talked on air with radio host Dino Costa about the Chesapeake Films documentary “Dino Costa – Truth Unscripted “.

To listen to the interview, press the play button below

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