In Development

The War Trail, an Animated Feature

Writer: Sherry FRAZIER, based on novel by Charles A. McDonald
Producer: Joel FRANCO, Chesapeake Films

This is “Roots” with European slaves. German Redemptioner, WOLFGANG STEINER, hired out to the Ohio Company as a hunter, escapes servitude into the “freedom” of the brutal Northwest Frontier. A rare look into the little known 18th Century world of the European immigrants, called Redemptioners, who gained passage to America through work as indentured servants. Wolfgang travels into French, then Spanish and Indian-dominated lands of North America where he finds companionship with a young wolf and gains the trust of a mysterious and feared Algonquin Indian woman, DARK MOON, a medicine woman and sorceress. This is a harrowing tale of hardship, courage and thrilling adventure during the French and Indian War.

To Uphold and Defend, A Thriller Franchise 1

Writer: Sherry FRAZIER, Adaption from novel by Susan Ouellette
Producer: Joel FRANCO (Chesapeake Films)

There are two beautiful women who are strangers and unlikely enemies, traveling through exotic countries and back and forth from Washington D.C., pursuing a shared mission to destroy each other.

Sincere, hardworking, well educated Hill staffer MAGGIE JENKINS fights terrorism. She has identified her target but all of her efforts are thwarted by unlikely enemies in the CIA and influencers of national intelligence on the Hill whose perception of danger has not changed with the times.

MAGGIE’s target is someone who doesn’t fit anyone’s terrorist profile so it is difficult to convince the old school intelligence community of the danger, especially when the target is so captivating. This enemy, a stunningly beautiful Chechen named ZARA BARAYEVA, is willing to risk her life and kill anyone, even groups of innocent victims, to avenge the death of her brother, a freedom fighter who was killed by American anti-terrorism operatives. Beautiful ZARA is from a predominantly Muslim country but “terrorist” would be the last term that comes to mind when describing her. ZARA’s striking appearance turns heads wherever she goes and her western demeanor and dress encourage trust. She can travel easily, her open face disarms strangers but she is silent and deadly.
MAGGIE and ZARA are formidable opponents. They are strong, determined women, from disparate cultures, fighting against each other savagely in pursuit of truth and revenge.

Reluctant Martyr, A Thriller Franchise 2

Writer: Sherry FRAZIER, based on a novel by Susan Ouellette
Producer: Joel FRANCO, Chesapeake Films

MAGGIE and ZARA’S War Continues

Hill Staffer MAGGIE JENKINS’ life revolves around the Washington DC work culture—lead with your resume, make friends with people who can help you, work around the clock and go to bed alone by 10 PM. ZARA BARAYEVA lives in under the radar in the dark world of international espionage. As the time zones change, so does her appearance and her target.

MAGGIE thought ZARA BARAYEVA was dead and is shocked to discover she is alive and living in Washington DC! The women are adversaries by profession and couldn’t be more different: smart, confident, workaholic MAGGIE JENKINS against sensuous, daring, fearless ZARA BARAYEVA. It is a war of brains versus audacity. A complex series of surprising events unfold with both sides fighting to avenge the death of loved ones.

It appears at first glance to be a case of good versus evil but looks can be deceiving. White and black easily become gray in close proximity. Who is the villain, who is the hero?

Relentless and passionate, these unlikely soldiers match wits and drive themselves over the edge, to a criminal place usually reserved for men–mad men. But they are women—beautiful women with strong bodies, quick minds and disarming smiles. They will surprise you at every turn. And you won’t believe how it ends.

Black Agency. A Thriller Franchise—Part 3

Writer: Sherry FRAZIER, based on a novel by Susan Ouellette
Producer: Joel FRANCO, Chesapeake Films

Intelligence Committee staffer MAGGIE JENKINS, on loan to the CIA, attracts the attention of a scorned CIA operative RICHARD BELLOWS who charms her and uses her access and good name to help him to restore his reputation. She allows herself to risk her career, reputation and heart to a man everyone else has spurned. Convincing MAGGIE that he cares about her and is looking out for her best interest, RICHARD BELLOWS involves her in a rogue operation that is not only risky, but puts them both on the run from the very government Maggie is trying to protect.

RICHARD BELLOWS does everything for a reason. He is a disenchanted, philandering GS-15 government worker whose bruised ego and building jealousy of agents has him looking for payback…however he can get it. He is tired of seeing the agents he has handled and whom he has provided with large stacks of US dollars live better and have more. His jealousy eats away at him and drives him over the edge from ethical behavior into a ‘what’s in it for me’ criminal mindset. His plan to embezzle operations money is remarkably simple. He just needs to employ all of the tools and tactics learned as a covert CIA operative and use them for his own gain. He is, after all, a trained liar. All he needs is the cover of marriage and children with straight arrow MAGGIE JENKINS and he is set for life.

The Social Eye

Writer: Austin Cooper OTOCKI, a television series pilot based on the book, The Single Guy’s Guide to Relationships, by Austin Cooper OTOCKI.
Producer: Joel FRANCO, Chesapeake Films.

James Bond plays Forest Gump in the Sex in the City night club circuit. He’s smooth, audacious and he’s got moves: pulling stunts, orchestrating jokes at another’s expense and wooing anyone who can move him ahead. And he’s always a part of the action. Wrapped inside the shiny world of liquor, lights and bling, this is the story of the steamy life of a player in a dark world of gambling, henchmen and murder.


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