The President’s Bluesman

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Writer: Clint Miller

Producers: Joel Franco & Sherry Secher-Jensen Frazier

From the Jim Crow South to the White House, this is the true story of the bluesman who used the power of his music to change the history of civil rights.

Traveling through the Jim Crow South in the Roaring Twenties, a shoeless bluesboy witnesses the coming of age of America’s most formative musical genre. After unprecedented success he recounts his life story to President FDR at the White House in 1941.

Based on true events, this is the story of Josh White, who uses his music as a powerful weapon in the fight for civil rights in America. First with President Roosevelt, and later with President Kennedy, Josh White and his mesmerizing blues help change the fate of a nation.

(For more information on Clint Miller and the origin of the project, please check out:

the presidents bluesman - front 4

The Blind Butcher Style – Clint Miller demonstrating Delta blues for the faculty of the Office of the Arts at Harvard. (Arrangements by Clint Miller)

Blind Man Arnold Ragtime – Clint Miller demonstrating Ragtime guitar technique for the faculty of the Office of the Arts at Harvard. (Arrangements by Clint Miller)


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