Writer: An Original Screenplay by C.C. LONG
Producer: Joel FRANCO, Chesapeake Films

Edgar Allan Poe was America’s first real rock and roll star complete with the flaming flash of creative genius and the tragic death. He was a druggie, womanizer, fighter, incestuous bastard, cad, soldier, poet, intellectual, and purveyor of myth, editor, gossip, meddlesome quarreler and possibly America’s greatest writer.

He was a part of the greatest renaissance writing movement to ever bewilder the world in the 1840’s that included other notable writers: Whitman, Longfellow, Emerson, Washington, Melville, Hawthorne, Dickens, Sand, Dumas, and Dostoevsky to name a few. Edgar Allan Poe stands as the least heralded of these great sages but his work speaks for itself, having written some of the best know poetry the world has heard and having created three genre’s of writing: crime writing, sci-fiction and horror. He was a spectacular dramatic reader; a renowned editor that reviewed many of the great writers works of the time not reframing from a negative opinion if he had one. This led to animosity and suspicion amongst his peers.

His well recorded drinking bouts, the blasts of laudanum here and there and his tragic life gave gist to his work. He was a respected athlete and a serious gambler. He attended West Point, married his underage cousin and in his usual macabre irony assigned his worst enemy to write his obituary and biography. He died young, lived hard and rocked the literary world of his time.


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