Law Offices of Diana J. Basso, Esq.

Diana J. Basso

76 West 85th Street #1, New York, New York 10024
Tel: 917-992-2202 *
Serving the Entertainment, Fashion, Media and Arts Community.

The Law Offices of Diana J. Basso was founded in 2008 to serve the legal needs of New York’s entertainment, fashion, music and media community of creators and entrepreneurs. Ms. Basso was a Litigation Associate from 2005 to 2008 at Beatie & Osborn LLP specializing in intellectual property and securities fraud litigation and successfully negotiated breach of contract disputes on behalf of media and fashion clients. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Diana was an award winning media executive at companies including Conde Nast, Meredith, Gruner & Jahr, Working Woman, Rolling Stone and Village Voice Media.

The Firm’s legal expertise includes Entertainment & Fashion Law, Labor & Employment Law, Media/Digital Privacy Law, Intellectual Property Protection, Art Law, Trusts/Estates, Real Estate and Corporate Law



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