Chesapeake Films is a group of international producers and directors with a range of talents across every aspect of video production. We work in the United States, Spain, and Italy.

With a dedication to quality and a strong emphasis on storytelling, Chesapeake Films is the perfect choice for any organization looking to enhance their brand through video.

Regardless of what kind of budget you may be working with, there is always a video solution within reach. You may not even know it, which is why consultations are free. Contact Chesapeake Films today for an in-person consultation at your convenience!


Tell your company’s story, demo a new product, or recap an important event. Whether you are a large corporation or an emerging brand, let us engage your customers on another level with a business video.

Create a new campaign, advertise your products and services, or promote upcoming events. Whether for web or broadcast television, we find the core of your message and deliver it to your audience.

Do you need content for those flat screens in the office, or behind the front desk? Enhance the look of your business with custom media designed by our team

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