To Everyone,

when I first started thinking about writing a blog I was not sure why I was doing it. I was thinking about all the silly things probably many people go through…will anyone care? Will anyone read? Will anyone follow me?  I did not like that feeling though. I did not like to feel defeated before I had even begun. I don’t give up. I always fight, so what was scaring me this time? Why wasn’t I going for it?

After debating what to do, and a few false starts (I had started another blog on another site a couple of years ago, but did not purse it I realized I had no real thought of what exactly I wanted to do…I wanted to write about film, and production, and what I do and what I want to do. Things I think are important, and that possibly could interest others…I quickly realized that’s what Twitter is for…or Facebook…but not a blog…if I did write about those things it would be a blog about everything but in the end it would be about absolutely nothing. It would have no soul. No heart. No passion, and it would die rather quickly.

Ironically the light came on a few weeks ago when an amazing online software called Production Minds (a pre-production software for Film/TV Productions) I have been using for one of my upcoming projects, asked me to do an interview for them (here it is in case you are interested: http://bit.ly/1jRMrus – you can also find it here in one of the blog posts). I had met with them during the European Film Market (EFM) in Berlin back in February 2014. During the interview they asked me a lot of things about prep, and organization, and overall process.

It finally clicked for me…I cannot ever really find a blog/article/interview anything really, that truly delves into the process of making a Film or a TV show. What are the steps, how does a project begin, how to build your team, etc…

So…this is what this blog will continue to be about. About the process of production from start to complete film. We will talk about our upcoming projects and cover also some of our past ones. We will bring in some contributors to expand the reach and information. We hope to be of help to anyone and do not ever hesitate to leave your feedback and ask questions, comment, and let us know what else could we do to improve our site, and make it as interactive as possible.


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