One Man’s Journey to Truth

ONE MAN’S JOURNEY TO TRUTH is available at, and





Joel Franco
Director of Photography:
Dave Negrin
Music by: 
Trevor Coleman
Anthony Bernard
Sound Designer:
Karol Urban

“One Man’s Journey To Truth” is a story about destruction and rebirth, discovery and truth. Denie Hiestand’s journey from obscurity as a farmer and family man into the limitless life as a world renowned energy healer did not come without tremendous sacrifice, personal loss and sorrow.

The film unfolds through poignant interviews with his family and in his own words as he sits perched on the cliffs of New Zealand, majestic mountains rising up behind him. Denie talks about his despair and his discovery of a force so powerful that he could not ignore it. He followed a persistent, compelling voice that urged him to jump from security into obscurity and ultimately allowed him to fly. The words of this modern-day prophet gives hope to the lost and offers a road map to those seeking meaning in life and the strength to pursue dreams.

Under a pile of debt, feeling worthless, Denie was emotional bereft. No one had taught him how to deal with his feelings or his emotions. No one taught him how to work through his problems or to know his heart. He did not know that it is acceptable for men to be fallible, to be less than perfect. He did not know that it is OK to ask for help or to reach out for love. Instead, he lashed out to everyone around him and lived an angry life. He was depressed and he pushed away the people that loved him most.

One day on a trip to nowhere in the mountains of New Zealand, he discovered his gift. He discovered his own inner energy and strength. Suddenly Denie was awakened to his personal possibilities. He was alert. He began to feel happy. He was alive! He knew that he could not go back to the death that was his former life. To make the final step, he had to let go of everything. He sold his farms, paid his debts, left his wife and children, and left New Zealand in search of his true self. He went alone. This is a film that shares his journey to discovery.

From Will Spencer: Excited to be a fan here to spread the word of your documentary about Denie and Shelley Hiestand. Denie and Shelley have helped, encouraged and kicked my ass to shift my awareness and vibrational levels so I can see a freedom I was unable to see before.

I am happy for your recognizing them for the LOVE/LIGHT they are! Can’t wait to see the film!!!

From Shala Mata: I am delighted to support Chesapeake Films in your bringing to the world the inspiring journey of a profound healer and teacher. Truth comes in many forms and both Denie and Shelley share a passion for honouring that journey in everyone.

From Ineke Bokkerink: I am happy to join Chesapeake Film LLC and support your work with Denie and Shelley Hiestand. I’m sure you will be overwhelmed to dicover how many lifes have been touched and turned around by their work.



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